How To Use A Ninja Blender

There are some certain steps when using a Ninja blender correctly and effectively that you have to know. Alright, in this part, we would like to tell all of you the whole steps that you can use it as easy as possible. Please follow this brief here to know how to use a Ninja blender correctly and effectively.

Here are three steps to use Ninja blender

  • Step 1: Washing carefully and slice the ingredients into thin parts in order to make smoothies. With some green vegetables, you should cut them into small pieces (about 3 centimeters).
  • Step 2: Adding ingredients to the grinder

Before milling ingredients, you must assemble all the parts together correctly. After that, selecting whether cross blade or blender’s blade and make sure that the grinder knife must be tightened. Finally, you can add a little milk, water or seasoning into the grinder and cover the lid carefully.

  • Step 3: Starting to grind
How To Use A Ninja Blender
How To Use A Ninja Blender

If everything is ready, you can start to plug in and press a mixing button. If the ingredients are fruits, please mix them about 5 times and each time lasts 5 seconds.

Some safety precautions when using a Ninja Blender… Everything you should know!

Using a blender effectively at your own family seems to be a bit difficult because it depends on safety precautions that not many people also know. Certainly, that you use this product incorrectly causes some negative things. Therefore, in this post, we’d like to recommend a useful list including a few rules helping you use a blender safely and effectively anyway.

In order to have more fresh foods and nutritious juices for your family, you have decided to buy a Ninja Blender. However, when using it, you will have some incidences such as that your blender activates too fast can make foods thrown away or your blender happens to be out of work. Perhaps, you have had some incorrect steps on using. Alright, these are a few precautions in case you use a blender in order that your own blender can activate safely and continuously.

  • No activating your blender without having food or water in the mill.
  • No removing the lid out of its own mill until knife stops activating.
  • After milling, in case you are not satisfied with the food’s level, you can absolutely mill it again. At that time, it’s vital that you should add some water or milk to the mill with a view to raising the effectiveness of grinding and prolonging your machine’s lifespan.
  • Do not continuously mill exceeding 30 seconds. In this case, your blender should be rested in a while and then, you can continue to use it.
Do not continuously mill exceeding 30 seconds
  • To avoid the dangers when the blender rotates, do not use your hands or strange things added to the mill to take food out.
  • Your blender stops rotating by accident when milling, it is possible because of having too much food in the blender or lacking water and space surrounding the blade. In this situation, you should switch it off, stir the food in order to broaden the blade’s surrounding space and add water to it.
  • Remember to check plugs, blades and net-filtering carefully before milling. If other components are defective, please stop using and contact the service warranty center so as to replace and repair as soon as possible.

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