How To Use A Meat Grinder


Now with a meat grinder, we can also freely create many new and interesting dishes without having to labor and gruel manually. But do you know how to use the meat grinder properly? Here Good Food Blog PH will teach you how to use a meat grinder properly, effectively, and quickly.

How To Use A Meat Grinder Properly, Effectively

What Kind Of Meat Grinder Is There?

The meat grinder is a device used to grind meat from different large and small pieces of meat, including two main types: manual meat grinder and electric meat grinder. The machine consists of a meat grinder, a meat mincer system, a pedestal, a handwheel if it is a good manual meat grinder.

How To Use A Meat Grinder?

– Meat should be cut from large pieces of meat, into small pieces and short about 3-4 cm. Because it is difficult to grind large and thick pieces of meat, and grinding with a hand blender will be very laborious.

– Only grind 200-300 g at a time. With a moderate amount of meat, the meat mincer will work quickly, without heavy machinery.

– After using the meat mincer and meat grinder, wash immediately because the meat grinder is very likely to rust because of the meat substance remaining on the blades, mortar.

– Do not insert samples of dry seeds, leaves, fruits if on the machine manual does not allow.

– Currently, most types of blender have instructions on how to use it on the body, making it easier to use and choose to buy.

How To Preserve Meat After Grinding

How To Use A Meat Grinder Properly, Effectively And Quickly

– If you grind fruits and vegetables, you should store in a sealed plastic bag, put in the freezer compartment, can be used for up to two days. You can pour the blended vegetables into ice cube trays, wrap plastic bags, and place them in the fridge. Best to keep in the freezer of the refrigerator can be stored longer (about 1 month)

– During use, if thawing food, then put in the refrigerator cooler. Do not thaw when putting food at room temperature outside the room.

– You should grind the meat when it is still alive so it will be smoother and softer. If cooked meat is put into a blender, it will have a better aroma.

Before using the machine, you should rinse 1 time of water for the mortar (or maybe sweep a layer of cooking oil onto the mortar)

Reason: Because the mortar of the machine is stainless steel, the ability to stick to meat when it dries is very strong (not like a glass bowl is hard to cling to the mortar) – purpose: To blend the meat and make the meat puree and healthier.

How to grind: Each time grinding from 300g-500g (for meat) other foods should base 1/2 mortar. After that, hold the machine for 15 seconds and then release the 5s (leave the machine idle) – continuing the cycle for 15 seconds and releasing the 5s for doing so will help the meat to be finely ground and to avoid holding too long for pressure, the machine will heat up.

The machine ensures a puree of the drum as from 1kg to 1.5kg (equivalent to 3 batches)

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