How To Make Soy Milk with A Blender


In addition to using a blender to make cool smoothies, it can also make delicious soy milk cups. So, today Good Food Blog PH will introduce to you how to make soy milk with a blender, both fast and very convenient.

Ingredients & Tools

  • Soybeans: 500g
  • Filtered water: 1.5 liters
  • Pineapple leaves: 50gr
  • A blender
  • Filter cloth

How To Make Soy Milk with A Blender

Step by Step To Make Delicious Soy Milk with A Blender

Pre-processing soy: To make soy milk delicious, you need to choose round, regular, smooth, firm seeds and only harvest about 3-4 months.

First, you should soak in warm water, 6-8 hours for the summer, and 10-12 hours for the winter. When the seeds have fully bloomed, use your hands to rub over the outer skin to clean.

Rinse again to make sure, rinse all the foam off, and remove any loose particles. Pineapple leaves washed and drained. Then, fold the leaves in half and bundle into a bundle. Blender washed and allowed to dry.

How To Make Soy Milk with A Blender, Preliminary processing soy
Preliminary processing soy

Grind soy beans to get juice: Next, you put soy beans into the green machines, add some clean water to grind together. Add 4 tablespoons of soy water to 350 ml of water.

Grind beans for 2 minutes, rest every 30 seconds to prevent the machine from getting hot, grind until the mixture is smooth. At this stage, if you want the milk to be more fragrant and flavor, you can add white sesame or peanuts to grind together.

How To Make Soy Milk with A Blender, Grind soy beans to get juice
Grind soy beans to get juice

Cook delicious soy milk: Pour the pureed soy beans onto a filter cloth. Strain out the water, doing so about 2 times to make the water smoother. Continue to add the freshly squeezed bean juice to the pot, bring to a boil with a few pineapple leaves to create a fragrant aroma.

When it’s boiling, let the simmer for a few minutes and turn off the heat. When boiling milk, you should keep the fire low and stir your hands so that the beans do not touch the bottom of the pot for too long, resulting in soaked soy milk.

How To Make Soy Milk with A Blender, Cook delicious soy milk
Cook delicious soy milk

As a final step, let the soy milk cool. Drink hot or cold as you like, you can add sugar to sweet soy milk as you like. Soy milk should be stored in the refrigerator compartment for better storage. Because there is no preservative, you should only use it within 1-2 days only, this will ensure the health of you and the whole family.

So you have a delicious glass of soy milk, full of nutrients without spending too much effort. Here are the simplest steps anyone can take. I wish you success with making soy milk with these best blenders for smoothies!

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