Infographic: How to Choose a Good Blender for Your Kitchen

Any blender sold on the marketplace can be used for mixing fruits for smoothies, blending the whole vegetables for soups, green smoothies, or even ice cream. Nevertheless, the distinctive difference from a blender to another is the final results that you get.

Needless to say; durability, ease of using and cleaning along with blend quality all rely on the blender all of you choose to buy for home use.

Top-rated blenders, in this post, I would like to recommend some helpful criteria that can assist you to select the best blender in your own home. See this brief blow here to have the answer on how to choose a blender and what is important factors to select it?

how to choose a blender

7 Elements To Choose A Good Blender For Home Use?

1. High – Speed Motor

A fast motor base is considered to let you use frozen fruits instead of fresh ingredients and it is worthless pre-cutting ingredients. Moreover, seeds that improve texture and taste as well can be pulverized by a high-speed motor. Also, ice can be crushed to make fresh smoothies effectively.

I recommend you with at least 350 watts, but preferably more. For that reason, while cheap motors can burn out under no circumstances, high quality and powerful elements let you operate your own blender many times per day without certainly burning out.

2. Metal Base

Normally, plastic bases are correlated with poor motors together with less offered speed and stability as well. Instead, bases are made of metal and solid will offer your blender the stability that it needs for making your green smoothies.

3. Speed Settings

3 different speeds are offered with a view to getting the texture you love. Last but not the least, a pulse setting is not a compulsory feature but it can be used to chop the ingredients up initially.

4. Pitcher Size and Material

The acceptable minimum size suitable for your pitcher is 40 oz. 5 cups or bigger containers are the most preferred selection as that way, never will you find that your pitcher seems to be too small at all. Also, the recommended material is plastic (better used for high – speed rotation and it’s actually lighter than ever) instead of glass that can break so easily in some situations.

5. Easy and Quick to Brush off

It’s important that all of you should avoid buying a blender that you have to disassemble in order to brush off, which will take much more time and you’ll lose the motivation with a view to making your delicious smoothies every day for certain.

More perfectly, your own blender for your kitchen should be cleanable under no circumstances by adding warm water mixed with few drops of dish soap to the container, the blades, or the carafe and letting it dry for some minutes.

6. Long-term warranty

There is no doubt that the longer the warranty, the better your blender is. Whether you have a tendency to use your blender once or several times a day, you don’t need to worry that it’s you who are burning out the motor along with heavy usage. Therefore, a long-term blender is considered to motivate you use the blender many times for differently various tasks with the best results in the final.

7. Blades

Seriously, you do want durable blades. Stainless steel í considered to be a requirement for your own kitchen because they’ll resist erosion effectively. I particularly recommend Blentec’s or NINJA’s or Vitamix’s blade setup. For that reason, firstly, it’s not actually sharp.

Secondly, the entire blade system is slightly sealed into the base of its jar, which can reduce the risk of contamination at all. So as to brush it off, you only need to add a few drops of dishwasher mixed with warm water and operate it through a cleaning cycle.

Criteria 8: Heat Output

Some blenders, because of its own powerful engines, might have a tendency to release very hot and potentially overheat. More importantly, never has this appeared with BLENDTEC, VITAMIX, or NINJA. Therefore, please take notice of this and in case you want to use this blender served in the restaurant.

All things considered, the best blender for smoothies might be responsible for making our daily lives become easier and more and more convenient than ever. By the way, in this post, we would like to recommend you three kinds of different smoothies blenders sold widely in recent days in order that all of you can take into consideration to buy the most perfect for home use.

Hope with this brief, you can choose the best blender for yourself to handle all your needs.

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