Best Steak Knives

Best Steak Knives for a Razor Sharp Kitchen Performance

Steak is one of the tastiest and nutritious foods you can enjoy for dinner. However, your experience eating stake can be tainted by the knives you have available. Standard kitchen knives aren't suited to cutting meat, so you should get yourself the best steak knives instead. With a good set of steak knives, you can efficiently cut through meat and enjoy a tasty and juicy meal.

This post explores the top five steak knives on the market and the factors guiding the set you choose.


1. Messermeister Avanta 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

Messermeister Avanta 4-Piece 5 Fine Edge Steak Knife Set, Pakkawood Handle
  • The Messermeister avanta steak knife is a 5" fine edge slicing and carving knife with an upswept...
  • This set is crafted from the highest quality German steel, X50CrMoV15, which gives you a knife that...
  • The forged bolster gives the knife and steel balance and heft. The fully exposed tang signifies that...
  • The sleek, modern handle is sandblasted stainless steel. The knife for life provides a lifetime...

The best steak knife set you can buy is the Messermeister Avanta 4-piece steak knife set. Each knife has a 5-inch long fine edge and an upward curved tip specially designed for removing meat from bones. Even with boneless meat, this razor-sharp knife will seamlessly cut through without requiring a lot of effort.

These steak knives are made from German high carbon stainless steel, a durable material meant to retain the sharp edge for a long time. The handles are made from PAKKAWOOOD, which is long-lasting and comfortable to hold for an easy time as you cut through the steak. The knife set also features a full tang construction to ensure it can outlast other steak knife sets.

Unfortunately, the Messermeister Avanta knives aren't suitable for your dishwasher, which means you'll have to clean them by hand. You should also avoid using cleaners with bleach or citrus compounds to wash these knives since they could affect their corrosion-resistant surface. Whether you want to cut steak from home or at work, this set is the best option available.

  • Durable German steel
  • Sharp performance
  • Easy to hold
  • Includes four knives
  • Not machine washable

2. Amazon Basics 8-Piece Kitchen Steak Knife Set

Amazon Basics 8-Piece Kitchen Steak Knife Set, Black
  • 8 high-quality steak knives with triple-riveted handles
  • Micro-serrated edges never need sharpening
  • Forged from single piece of stain-resistant steel
  • Full tang for pleasant weight and balance; full bolster
  • Hand wash only

The second option you can go with is the Amazon Basics 8-Piece Steak Knife Set which includes eight knives with serrated edges. The handles are triple-riveted to ensure the blade is securely held in place for long-lasting performance in the kitchen. This set of steak knives features micro-serrated edges that can retain their sharp nature without any resharpening.

Each knife is forged from one piece of stainless steel to give it the sturdiness and stability needed in any steak knife set. In your hand, the knife will feel light and well balanced to ensure you can efficiently cut through steak without hassle, thanks to the full tang construction.

This low-maintenance knife set won't require you to keep sharpening the blades because they can hold their sharp edge for the longest time. Nevertheless, you'll have to hand-wash these knives since they aren't dishwasher-friendly. If you need to replace your steak knives with a set that performs better, your best bet is to go with the Amazon Basics 8-Piece kitchen knife set.

  • Includes 8 knives
  • A durable, sharp edge
  • Comfortable feel
  • Stain and rust-resistant
  • Handwash only

3. Chicago Cutlery 4-Piece Steak Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery #B144/1104670 4-Piece Walnut Tradition Steak Knife Set,Brown
  • Each knife features an ergonomic Fibrox Pro handle
  • Material and workmanship
  • Expertly crafted in Switzerland in 1884,
  • High-carbon stainless steel blades feature our exclusive Taper Grind edge technology for optimum...
  • Full tang blade extends from tip of the knife to end of the handle for added balance and strength

Third place on this list of the best steak knife is the Chicago Cutlery 4-piece steak knife set. These high-carbon stainless steel blades are forged with efficient performance in mind. As such, they are a great option for people who don't want to resharpen their knives every so often, thanks to the Taper Grind edge technology.

This well-balanced blade features a full=tang construction which gives it added strength for a smoother time cutting steak. The walnut handles are classically made to deliver the comfort necessary to cut meat safely. This means you can use these knives to slice steak for a long time without accumulating fatigue in your hands.

You don't have to worry about the knives falling apart since they feature brass rivets which will hold the handles firmly in place to provide a stable feel as you work. This means you can enjoy a reduced risk of accidental slips by the knife for maximum safety.

  • Easy to hold
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable build
  • Affordable

4. DALSTRONG Steak Knives Gladiator Series

DALSTRONG Steak Knives 4-Piece Set - 5" - Straight-Edge Blade - Gladiator Series - Forged German...
  • The NEW Standard in Steak Knives: Outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, stunning...
  • Incredibly sharp, full-tang, imported Thyssenkrupp high-carbon German steel, hand-sharpened to 16-18...
  • Award winning design, with satisfying heft, premium materials and quality feel. Luxury G10 handle is...
  • Engineered to perfection at 56+ Rockwell hardness and hand polished to a satin finish. Carefully...
  • Experience the Dalstrong Difference. Our premiere collection set and luxury packaging make for an...

The next best steak knife we'll review is the DALSTRONG Steak Knives Gladiator Series. This set of knives is a great choice since the blades are made from high-quality materials, making them highly functional. The ThyssenKrupp German steel material used in these hand-sharpened knives is strong and durable, making them a long-lasting option.

The award-winning design of these four steak knives makes them easy to use since they feature hollow dimples that ensure the meat slides off the blade as you cut. You'll get the comfort you want from this set since it comes with a luxury handle that offers a good grip for handling the blade. Additionally, you can store the knives in their protective sheaths when you aren't using them to prevent accidental cuts.

The razor-sharp edge is tapered to give it extra rigidity, which reduces the resistance you feel while cutting through the steak. Plus, you'll be glad to know that there's a full money-back guarantee associated with these knives to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • High-quality materials
  • Stain-resistant
  • Easy to grip and maneuver
  • Durable construction
  • They develop rust spots

5. Shun Classic 4-Piece Knife Set

Shun DMS400 Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set, 4.75” Blades & Kai Diamond and Ceramic Retractable...
  • Shun Bundle Includes:
  • 1 x Shun DMS400 Classic 4-Piece Steak Knife Set; Enhance Steak Dinners with Elegant, Razor-Sharp...
  • Make every steak dinner more enjoyable with these razor-sharp steak knives; Shun’s fine-edged...
  • 1 x Kai AP0138 Diamond and Ceramic Retractable Knife Sharpener. Sharpens double-bevel,...
  • The Kai Diamond and Ceramic Retractable Sharpener sharpens knives quickly and easily with a simple...

Finally, we have the Shun Classic 4-Piece knife set, which is an ideal choice for people who'd prefer classic steak knives. These sharp knives have a fine, straight edge that's designed to help them glide through steaks without much physical effort.

The knives are not only functional but are also stylish in appearance and can add a hint of elegance to the table setting. This means you can use them for special occasions or celebrations for great cutting performance and a luxurious feel.

These classic steak knives are handcrafted using VG MAX blade steel which includes multiple micro-layers of Damascus cladding. This makes the straight edge sharper and thinner for a lightweight feel that makes it easier to control the knife while cutting through the steak. The PakkaWood handles are beautiful and are resin-infused to improve their longevity.

Since these handles are moisture-resistant, you can enjoy an easy time cleaning the knives. Plus, the knives are designed to cut without affecting the flavor of your meal to ensure you have maximum satisfaction with your purchase.

  • Artistic and stylish look
  • Light and thin blades
  • Extremely sharp
  • They come with a storage box
  • Long-lasting build
  • Some users prefer heavy-weight steak knives

What are the Types of Steak Knives Available?

Steak knives are categorized according to the edge of the blade they have. There are three main forms the steak knife edge will take; straight, serrated, and micro-serrated.

1. Straight Edged Blade

A straight-edge blade, also known as a plain-edged blade, is, as the name suggests, one that has a blade with a straight edge. These knives are very sharp at first but tend to lose their cutting edge with regular use.

The advantage you get with straight edge steak knives is that they are easy to resharpen. This means that you should consider getting a knife sharpener alongside your straight steak knife to ensure you can sharpen it after it starts becoming dull.

2. Serrated Edge Blade

Serrated blades are characterized by small saw-like teeth along the edge. These steak knives are quite popular among homeowners and chefs because they offer high sharp-edge retention. This means that they don't get easily dull, even with consistent use.

If these knives become blunt, they are hard to sharpen because of the groovy design and will require a lot of effort to get them sharp again.

3. Micro-Serrated Edge Blade

These blades are common among the cheaper steak knife options. They aren't built to last as long as the other steak knives, making them a suitable option if you want a short-term cutting solution. Unfortunately, they can't be sharpened, which makes them unpopular for meat enthusiasts. So, once they get dull, you'll need to look for a new one to replace the one you have.

What Benefits do Steak Knives Offer?

Getting the best steak knives affords you some benefits that can make them worth the money. Let's consider the advantages of steak knives below.

1. Efficient Slicing

Cutting steak with a table knife or any other knife, for that matter, isn't a smooth experience. Such blades aren't designed to slice through meat, and using them only removes the juices from your steak. With a sharp steak knife, you can comfortably cut through your meat without a lot of effort, which makes the meal more enjoyable. Steak knives are designed to slice meat into smaller pieces without affecting their taste so that you can eat the meat the way you like it.

2. Style

Another benefit of steak knives is the style they add to the dinner table. A good set of steak knives should feature a stylish appearance that can add interest to your presentation. So, not only are these blades great for cutting meat, but they can also promote a hint of elegance which can leave your guests impressed. This means that you can get some high-quality steak knives for a special occasion.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Steak Knives

1. Blade Material

The blade material of your steak knife determines its durability and efficiency. Stainless steel is the most popular material used to make steak knife blades, but it could take different forms, which we'll cover below.

i. High Carbon Stainless Steel

This is a lightweight and flexible material that makes blades with high edge retention. Unfortunately, this material is prone to rust and corrosion, which means it has high maintenance requirements.

ii. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel features a blend of carbon, iron, and chromium, making it a resilient option that can resist rust and corrosion. The downside to stainless steel is that it can get flimsy and doesn't have high edge retention.

2. Comfort

The next factor to keep in mind is the level of comfort you can enjoy when using the steak knife. The primary factor that determines the ease of handling your blade is the handle material. Most steak blades will feature a wooden handle that is ergonomically shaped to fit in your hand without hassle.

Pakkawood handles are the most comfortable options but, your choice will mostly depend on personal preferences.

3. Design

Since you'll be using the steak knives in the kitchen and the dinner table, you should just pick any option. You should go for a knife set that complements or matches your kitchen interior. This isn't an important consideration for everybody but, it can help you make your food presentation more appealing.

You can choose a set of steak knives whose handles are the same color as your plates or other utensils. This can help add elegance to the dinner table, which will make the occasion more memorable.

4. Number of Knives

The last factor to keep in mind is the number of knives you want in your set. Steak knives are sold in sets of four, six, or eight, which means you can find a suitable option for your entire household. If you have a large household, you should go with the 8-piece stainless steel knife set to ensure everyone has a knife to cut their steak with.

Those with small families can get knives set of 4 blades rather than a large set. There's no need to buy unnecessary blades, so you should go with the number of knives that closely corresponds to the number of people in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best steak knives?

The best steak knife set to buy is Messermeister Avanta 4-Piece Steak Knife Set.

2. What steak knives do chefs use?

Most chefs use serrated-edged steak knives because of their edge retention and durability.

3. How much should I spend on a steak knife?

A high-quality set of steak knives can cost anywhere between $100-$200.

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