Top The Best Juicer Blender Combo (All in one) on The Market Review

Juicer and blender are both useful household appliances to make your favorite drink and food preparation. But if you can only choose to buy one of these products, which one should you buy? If this is a tough question for you, you can consider a product that can handle both jobs. A juicer blender combo will be a great solution.

Top 5+ Best Juicer Blender Combo Reviews

Here is my top list of the best juicer blender combos that help you to narrow down your searching and find true friends to make your life much more comfortable.

Is A Juicer Or Blender Better? 

Each kitchen utensil has its pros and cons. The juicer can squeeze more juice than a blender. It helps to eliminate the fibrous portion of fruits and vegetables for fresh and easy-to-drink juice. You can take advantage of that fiber to cook dishes such as soup, porridge…

Some slow juicers can even squeeze soybeans to make soy milk. The juicer usually has a large capacity and a powerful engine. For families with young children who do not like to eat vegetables, you can use a juicer to create tasty drinks for them.

Is A Juicer Or Blender Better? 

Meanwhile, the blender has more features than the juicer, which can be used to puree baby food. Most of them are versatile in use and convenient because it also comes with a small jar for grinding dry foods, grains or cereals.

Some of them have a portable design that we can carry everywhere, even on long traveling. You can also puree the fruits and vegetables into puree perfectly. Especially, most blenders can crush the ice to make delicious smoothies. Blenders often have a more sleek and compact design than a juicer.

Depending on the needs of your family, you can choose to buy the right kitchen gadget. If you only need one machine to make nutritious daily smoothies and food preparation for your family, a blender is a great choice. However, a juicer blender combo will be better because you can even make delicious juices without having to buy a juicer separately.

What Is a Blender Juicer Combo?

What Is a Blender Juicer Combo?

The name says it all. The a blender juicer combo is a kitchen appliance that combines a blender and a juicer. The machine offers many different functions. It can help you make smoothies, crush food, and even make juices. Combining many features in one product for maximum convenience and neatness in the kitchen.

Many manufacturers are working towards this integration for their products to improve the consumer experience. These multiple-use machines are great to make your life more comfortable. Many brands on the market have been focused on multiple-use kitchen tools such as Ninja, Nutribullet, Blendtec,… 

How It’s Different from Blender & Juicer? 

The blender and the juicer are different from each other. While both can be used to process fruits and vegetables into a delicious, nutritious beverage, the process and the result are very different. 

For a juicer, the basic function is to separate the fiber from the meat of the fruit or vegetable from the juice. This means that you will get juice only with all the vitamins and nutrients in liquid, so it’s easy to absorb and is great for the digestive and immune systems. The remaining fruit pulp will be removed.

Besides that, blender treats are characterized by keeping whole fruit or vegetables, including fiber. So when you drink a smoothie, you will find that the smoothie is usually thicker, and that will take longer to digest. However, all nutrients from the fruit when made into smoothies are still intact, but they will enter the body more slowly.

One advantage of smoothies is that it helps you satisfy hunger and stay energized. The blender also has the ability to crush ice. Some blenders have a high capacity that can handle hard beans like coffee, pepper, etc.

In terms of price and construction, a juicer is usually more expensive than a blender and has a bulkier design. Most juicers have a relatively large design. Meanwhile, a blender comes in a variety of shapes, from countertop to handy design.

In terms of cleaning, conventional presses are difficult to clean because they usually have at least several parts that need cleaning. The components are also tightly structured, making it difficult to disassemble. Meanwhile, the blender is easier to assemble and clean. Some blenders also offer a self-cleaning and dishwasher-friendly.

Top 5 Best Juicer Blender Combo Reviews in 2021

1. Philips Kitchen Appliances HR3868/90 High Speed Power Blender

Philips Kitchen Appliances HR3868/90 High Speed Power Blender


  • Stay stable while blending at the high speak
  • Noise-reducing
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Stylish design
  • Durable and powerful
  • Bulky construction

With its extremely simple and stylish design, Philips Kitchen Appliances HR3868 should be on the top of the list. This juicer blender combo has been very popular and satisfied most buyers with its benefits.

First of all, like most of the products on my list review, it features high motor capacity. 2.4 horsepower motor delivering up to 1800 watts. Powerful motors combined with the blade made of stainless steel material ensure effective performance food hygiene and safety.

Another exceptional feature of this product is keeping quiet thanks to the noise-reducing dome. Therefore, it is very suitable for families having small children and the elderly. These features can reduce the noise effectively that won’t wake them up in the morning and annoy them.  

The jar is made from high-quality plastic, transparent to help you observe the food blending process. Moreover, this premium material does not produce substances harmful to the health of users.

This product is also very easy to use with 5 pre-programmed settings, and a digital screen helps people easily select the appropriate functions. There is a non-slip stand that prevents the machine from shaking when blending in high mode.

On the downsides, the only drawback of this product is a bulky design. It takes up a sizable space in your kitchen and is a bit heavy to carry for traveling.

Let’s start your day with this blender to make nutritious smoothies and juice as well as making food preparations for all day long. It will be a great companion for you to have a healthy life and enjoy delicious drinks with your family regularly.


2. NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt 


  • Appropriate to live healthily
  • Effective performance
  • Compact design
  • Strong motor
  • Easy-twist extractor blade
  • Non-long lasting motor

Nutribullet is constantly my favorite brand due to its modern design and reasonable price. Especially, if you don’t want to shop for many sorts of blenders or juicers, you cannot skip this outstanding product – NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt.

This compact blender can meet all your cooking needs to create perfect smoothies and juice. It provides a 1200 watt high torque motor that can blend hard ingredients in seconds. Clean-twist extractor blades are made of stainless steel attached with cyclonic action to make all food smoother. This mechanism also prevents all ingredients from getting stuck under the blade. 

Besides, it comes with 3 cups and on-the-go lids for various functions. 3 cups are to be available in 64, 32, and 12-ounce capacities. Cups of various sizes will help you to make your favored proportions. Those cups are made of BPA-free, long-lasting plastic to extend longevity. 

Especially on this juicer blender combo, there are numerous additional accessories to make your blending much convenient, including a tamper, easy-twist extractor blade, and recipe ebook.

On the downsides, I suppose the only disadvantage of the motor is the blade. It seems to be made from non-long lasting plastic so I think it will get damaged soon when we use it incorrectly. 

This product is considered one of my favorite juicer blender combos. Accomplishing as much as 4. 6 out of 5 stars and being “amazon’s Choice”, I think you should try it by yourself and enjoy the pleasing experience with it.


3. Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade 

Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade 


  • Powerful motor
  • Variable Speed, up to 10
  • Able to make hot soup
  • Solid construction
  • Aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • Pricy
  • Noisy

The extremely popular Vitamix 5200 blender, an industrial blender, and the bestselling model in the Vitamix Legacy range. With the high ratings of up to 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 3,000 users, this will be a potential candidate for you.

First, this juicer blender combo has a very powerful motor. Vitamix designed the 5200 into a commercial; blender that will blend whatever you put in the container. The 2 horsepower engine is equivalent to about 1500 watts combined with an aircraft-grade stainless steel blade that makes all food pureed in seconds. I have to admit the blades are extremely robust and sharp. Even with hard ingredients, it can be handled perfectly.

As for the mechanism, the motor’s bearing design reduces friction to increase longevity and improve higher efficiency. The engine parts are all made of metal, therefore they are extremely durable. Many of my friends have been using it for several years but it still works extremely well with no damage. 

In the dashboard, you will find a 10-speed dial, high/variable switch, and on/off switch. Variable speed gives you the flexibility to decide at which speed you want to blend. With a 64-ounce cup, the Vitamix 5200 blender offers a multitude of ways to help you prepare something. It can also handle hot soup.

This juicer blender combo applies many safety features and increases durability. It has an advanced cooling system in the engine that cools the engine even while it is working. The system will automatically shut down if the engine gets too hot to prevent it from burning.

Unfortunately, many customers mentioned loudness. The fact is that with such a powerful blender, it will be very noisy. Besides, the price of this product is quite high.

In just 15-20 seconds, you have your favorite drink right away thanks to Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade. Durability and high capacity are two of the highlights of this product. Hope you will also have a great experience with this best blender and juicer all in on.


4. Blendtec – Original Designer Blender – WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) 


  • Powerful motor
  • About the make hot soup
  • High-end materials
  • 6 pre-programmed 
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Long-term warranty
  • High price
  • Hard to get all ingredients out

Blendtec – Original Designer Blender – WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) is a stylish and powerful juicer blender combo designed for kitchens. Its advanced technology creates a creamy and perfectly smooth formula every time. It deserves to be the best blender for fruits and vegetables. This product belongs to the part of the higher-end Blendtec lineup, offering additional features and a sleek outlook.

The most outstanding feature of this product that makes me very impressed is the motor. It is very powerful, providing up to 1560 watts, which is enough to blend smoothies, juices, hot soups, creams, sauces, and more. 2-spoke stainless steel blade spins strongly to cut all ingredients seconds. Besides, the blade structure is user-friendly and avoids unexpected accidents when cleaning by hand.

I also like the jar. It is designed with 4 edges so that it can rotate ingredients smoothly to avoid them getting stuck. The jar is made from BPA-free ingredients (BPA Free) to ensure safety and hygiene.

A six-speed touch slider and a pulse feature that gives you full control for custom blending provide better results by offering suitable power and speech for each purpose. 

Compared to other products having the same functions on the market, it is quite high. Besides, in the jar, many lines can cause some difficulties when getting ingredients out. Some small amount of food will get stuck between these lines. 

It’s no surprise that so many restaurants and families use this juicer blender combo. In my opinion, I extremely enjoy its stylish appearance and many excellent functions this juice blender machine provides.


5. Ninja Duo w/Micro-Juice Technology, 1400-peak-watt Motor for Smoothies & Juices 

Ninja Duo w/Micro-Juice Technology, 1400-peak-watt Motor for Smoothies & Juices 


  • Nice design
  • Include top-notched technology (Auto-IQ)
  • Easy to use controls
  • Grinding hard ingredients like coffee bean perfectly
  • Solid stainless steel blades
  • Powerful motor
  • Make an annoying and loud noise

At a very reasonable price but still ensuring high performance, Ninja Duo w/Micro-Juice Technology, 1400-peak-watt Motor for Smoothies & Juices have been loved by many people around the world. It is a great combination between a juicer and a blender.

By applying top-notch technology, this juicer blender is most comfortable while using it. Auto-IQ with 7 pre-programmed functions, one of them is juice, helps you to save time, and has a suitable speed for each cooking recipe.

The program automatically does everything within a unique speed and mixing. All you have to do is simply choose a pre-programmed setting and it will handle the rest of the jobs. There are three manual settings for speed: Pulse, Low, and High for better control.

Thanks to its 1400-peak-watt, it’s powerful enough to extract all nutrients from vegetables and fruits to make the best smoothies or juice. Special 6-sided blade for crushing many frozen fruits and ice in less than a minute.

This juicer smoothie maker includes two 20-ounce cups with a sealed spout lid. If you’re planning picnics, then these lids make sure you have all the nutrients by your sides. 

With this juicer blender combo, you will get several useful accessories included. The only downside is that some of this product is noise. It is fairly loud and annoying.

Ninja never makes me disappointed about their products. All are at a very reasonable price that many people can afford but still bring the most effective functions that help your cooking become easier than ever before. I highly recommend you to buy it.


What are you waiting for without buying yourself a juicer blender combo machine? With this machine, you can make all the drinks you like instead of using two different kitchen utensils.

Out of all the products I listed above, Philips Kitchen Appliances HR3868/90 High-Speed Power Blender is my most favorite. It has a modern design and good noise reduction and is great for families with lots of kids. How about you?

I hope my sharing will help you find the best juicer blender combo for you and satisfy your needs.

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