Top 8 Best Blender For Protein Shakes Reviews
Top 8 Best Blender For Protein Shakes Reviews

Top 8 Best Blender for Making Protein Shakes and Smoothies

Protein is the most important component of every person’s healthy lifestyle. Trying to look for a quick and easy way to take the most protein into your diet? A strong blender will work into several lifestyles.

Top 8 Best Blender For Protein Shakes Reviews
Top 8 Best Blender for Protein Shakes – Reviews and Buyer’s Guides

And from the other side, perhaps you’re already a fan of protein shakes, yet now you’re hoping to enhance your experience and desire more convenience. Hate using blender cup as it’s too weak for blending? If so, a compact blender in the kitchen is the optimal solution that would definitely help you out. After researching and several tests, here we have the best blender for protein shakes reviews to give you some of the best choices to make your drink as fast as possible. 

How to choose the best blender for Protein shakes

There are a few things you should consider before choosing to buy a blender for protein shakes. That is the size and quality of the bottles that come with the blender. You should choose products that are easy to clean, powerful, and suitable for your needs.

Quite a lot of blender can serve a delicious cup of protein shake for you, but it will take a long time to complete. With my experience, I recommend choosing blenders with engines of 500 watts or more, and preferably 600-700 watts to be able to process food quickly.

Another important factor that you also need to consider before buying a blender is the blade. A good blender for protein shakes requires a very sharp blade to handle food ingredients in a delicious way.

Those are the key factors you need to grasp, here are the list of the highest-quality protein shakes blender below.

Top 8 Best Blender for Protein Shakes Reviews

1. Cincred Blender

Cincred Blender


  • Easy to use
  • Food-grade materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact size
  • Double-duty cup
  • Suitable for soft ingredients only

This portable personal blender will make your blending work a piece of cake. Cincred blender is one of the most excellent products out there for producing healthy, nutritious refreshments that can help you resist and avoid illness, stay in good shape, relieve distress. You just simply find your favorite fruit, nuts, and veggies, with a little water, and then this blender will help you extract the ingredients into silky and tasty drinks. 

You can feel free to use the cup of this blender as your drinking cup, as it is made from Tritan material which is usually used in baby products. Besides, the lid is created with the silica gel seal rings to double prevent the leak and dust. Hence, you can comfortably bring the cup with you to work without worrying about spilling. It also contains a slag remover.

Along with the powerful motor that can blend almost any ingredient, this best blender for protein shakes also has its licensed blades model and cyclonic action that allows to carry all the nutrients from food and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle most easily. Additionally, it is effortless to clean this blender. You can clean it by adding some water and detergent into the cup and then turn the blender on.

If you want to save time on making healthy drinks, have a quick and convenient on-the-go protein shake, this Cincred blender will be the best option. It can be called a gym blender as the Cincred blender comes with a very compact size. 


2. Herrchef Blender

Herrchef Blender


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Detachable cup and bottle with lids
  • One-touch operation design
  • Safety features 
  • Suitable for soft ingredients and small ice 

This is another excellent option of a compact blender to make a protein shake that you can count on for excellent blending experiences. This versatile appliance has a robust 350W motor that can offer stable and efficient performance.

It also has a stylish and lightweight design that can be used in tighter spaces and for carrying. It consists of two 20 Oz removable bottles that have the silicone seal ring in their lid to prevent leakage. Therefore, you can quickly bring this blender to anywhere with you. Additional, it is safe to store your drinks in these cups as they are made of BPA-free plastic. 

An added feature of Herrchef Blender includes the 4 silicone non-slip feet that can assure the stability when blending. Moreover, it has a safety switch that allows the blender to run when its bottle is fitted correctly in the lock point. For more safety and longer use, the manufacturer incorporates the overheat protection system, which will make Herrchef Blender stop automatically when the motor‘s heat becomes too high.

One more thing that you will love about this blender is how easy it is to use and clean it. Designed with the one-touch control with no intricate settings or buttons, any member in your family can effortlessly make the favorite smoothies in less than 10 seconds even if children or the old. The removable cups and blades make it even simpler to clean the blender after use.

You will find the Herrchef Blender is a great choice for you if you are a busy person who still wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fast operation, provided bottles with lids and ease of cleaning make this blender an excellent blender for protein shakes and smoothies.


3. COSORI Blender

COSORI Blender


  • Powerful motor
  • Simple operation with 3 functions
  • Overheat protection feature
  • 6 blade system 
  • Soft ingredients and small ice cubes are suitable for longer use 

Another excellent blender for protein shakes you might consider is the Cosori blender. For anyone who is hunting for a personal blender that could chop, cut, and handle ice when blending smoothies and so on, the Cosori Personal Blender C011-PB has been proved to be a reasonable option so far.

The Cosori Personal Blender has a performance of 800 watts and is also featured with three modes: Start / Stop, Auto, & Pulse. A great feature from this blender is that it also comes with the automatic blending function. 

Tritan Travel Cups were also included in the blender: Two 24 oz cups, and one 12 oz cups. They all have sealing lids and are free of BPA – certified by the FDA. In addition, the cups are safe for dishwasher, so cleaning becomes an easier part. 

Additionally, the Cosori personal blender possesses a patent – protected 6 stainless steel blade system that involves 3-edge-blade – which can efficiently chop and dice ingredients; “blunt edge” that is made for handle nuts, grains, and ice; and finally Extractor blades for pulverizing the fruits and veggies for vitamins and nutrients extraction.

Combine with its powerful motor, this blender can be an efficient appliance in your kitchen to prepare food and make healthy smoothies. The blender isn’t too heavy, and there are suction feet that can stick well to the counter so that it will not moving during the operation.

The Cosori Personal Blender is a manageable blender that can function well for smaller blending tasks. Crushing ice, veggies, nuts, fruits with alternative BPA-free cups, your life will be much more convenient with this blender. 


4. Diwenhouse Blender

Diwenhouse Blender


  • Easy to use with simple operation
  • Stainless steel blades for fast pulverization 
  • Suitable for traveling with the in-built and rechargeable batteries
  • Added reusable straw 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Suitable for soft ingredients only

Diwenhoude blender is a great personal blender for protein shakes with a package of various features and can do more than just blending. This combination of high-performance and seamlessly integrated features is what has enabled it to be amongst the best protein shake blender on the market.

The blender consists of 6 durable steel PCS 304 blades, and the pace of motor spinning is 15000-25,000 rpm per minute. This will easily spray fruits, vegetables to make incredible smoothies for you and your family. In addition, it is really simple to operate thanks to the one-touch operation. Just put all the ingredients you want into the cup, twist the lid, and then press the button to blend. Only after seconds, you can enjoy your favorite drinks as a nutritional boost after your exercise.

The great convenience of this blender can be seen from an in-built rechargeable 4000mAh battery with a USB charging cable. Hence, having your nutritious drinks on the trip is no longer a difficult task. Also, the addition of three reusable metal straws, along with a cleaning brush is a great bonus which increases the value of this little device significantly. Moreover, the 16 oz cup of Diwenhouse Blender is made of safe, high borosilicate glass, which is durable and can withstand the temperature from  -20 ° c to 150 °c.

Diwenhouse Blender is an ultimate wireless single serve blender with USB rechargeable feature and compact design. This a personal travel blender can effectively help you with making fruit smoothies, protein shakes, infant food, or salad dressing. 


5. Secura Blender

Secura Blender


  • Compact design for easy carrying and traveling
  • 4-blade system
  • 2 alternative BPA-free travel bottle with lids
  • Sufficiently strong 300-watt engine 
  • One-touch operation with pulse action
  • The slight design can lead to quick overheat, hence requires close attention

The Secura is a super handy blender and simple to bring along while traveling, much as with other personal or single-serve blenders. The Secura Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies is easy to operate and is an excellent selection for blend-and-go.

This personal smoothie blender has a 300-watt engine that is strong enough to combine and pulverize all your fruit, veggies, and other ingredients into a perfect protein shake. Also, the motor is made of copper, which is designed for efficiency and long-lasting experience. 

Also, The Secura has a grab-and-go designation to make the travel easier. It is small, lightweight, and super simple to use. All you do to have your healthy smoothies is to add fruit or vegetables to the blending cup, twist the lid, and push the button. The blender is featured with the pulse action so you can totally control the texture of your drinks. 

The 4-blade system of the blender is composed of robust and reliable stainless steel. All parts made of plastic which is exposed to food are all free of BPA. Besides, the 2 BPA-free 20 oz. travel bottles including drink spouts are supplied so you can prepare your drink right in these cups and bring it to anywhere

Furthermore, all removable pieces are safe to put into a dishwasher, thus cleaning is a piece of cake. The base of this blender has 4 feet of suction cups to secure the blender to the countertop for maximum protection.

Secura 300W Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies is an outstanding single-serve blender that can offer you the most nutritious and tasty drinks. You can bring your drinks to anywhere with this blender. 


6. OYeet Blender

OYeet Blender


  • Powerful engine
  • Vortex blending system
  • Water-proof silicone cover for bottle and cup
  • Easy to use
  • One-hand operation
  • Quite expensive 

The OYeet 1,000W Portable Blender is a high-powered device for anyone who has huge interests in a healthy lifestyle and always wants to prepare protein shake before going to work or traveling.

You can find a 1000 watt peak power motor inside this blender, which is astonishing. That means this compact device has been able to fit the power of a full-size engine into a reduced form factor. Thanks to such a powerful engine, this blender can achieve the ultimate speeds in excess to 30,000 RPM. It’s more than solid enough to make a silky juice from ice cubes and tough ingredients.

Combining with this, the nutrient extractor blades will transform the hardest whole food into delicious protein shakes, or nut butter. Your favorite smoothies will be ready in less than 10 seconds, with the help of OYeet Blender.

In addition, the blender can quickly create thick smoothies, breakfast shakes, protein shakes, thanks to the Vortex Blending System. This feature allows Oyeet blender to pulverize ice and frozen fruits and veggies, nuts without much effort.

You can enhance the convenience with the bottle and cup provided. The sports bottle, along with its lid, are made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan, so you can enjoy your drink in it without any worrying about toxic chemicals.

The cup is also made of food-grade substance, making it safe to use and has no chance of cracking. The cup and bottle are both covered with BPA free silicone, which is water-proof and allows you to comfortably carry the bottle anywhere. With only a single touch, you can unlock the lid to free your hands for exercises.

With a powerful motor, exclusive design and high efficiency, OYeet Blender deserves to be the greatest blender for protein shakes with ice in our list. You can conveniently bring the blender to anywhere with you as it can fit your kitchen, office and even outdoor activities. 


7. La Reveuse Blender

La Reveuse Blender


  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • 2 alternative cups with lids
  • Suitable for soft ingredients only
  • Lack of safety feature

If you desire an inexpensive way to make a protein shake with a personal blender, La Reveuse will satisfy your needs This lightweight blender is not expected to break tough ice or prepare foods, but as long as you have a suitable amount of liquid, it can efficiently grind fresh and frozen fruits and become a good blender for protein shakes.

This La Reveuse handheld blender helps you to drink your smoothies even though you’re traveling. With a decent weight of 3lbs, this little beast with its 300 Watts of power has the strength of a much bigger blender. Also, the 4 stainless steel blade system allows La Reveuse blender to smash and grind ice or tough vegetables like carrots, to produce smooth, creamy protein shakes and drinks. It’s a good device to prepare baby food as well. 

The blender has the easiest operation ever that anyone in your family can make their own smoothies with it. To start the engine, just press the bottle down and twist it into the Lock status. Also, the blender is equipped with 2 BPA-free blending bottles with a capacity of 550ml each, which are also made of durable food-grade material to withstand heat. Each of these bottles has an optional emergency lid, which suits well in all regular cup holders.

La Reveuse is suitable for any smoothies lovers who want a blender with simple operation and compact design for convenience. It is a great single-serve blender for protein shakes selection that you can try. 


8. Bear Blender

Bear Blender


  • Easy to use
  • 2 alternative cups with anti-dust and hand open lid
  • Compact size
  • Safety lock feature


  • A quite weak engine to handle tough ingredients

In addition to the blenders we have listed above, you might consider another good option for protein shakes as Bear blender. This is a great portable blender that offers smooth and consistent blending experience, and this is a solid choice. The blender is made to blend and process your preferred juices and smoothies. 

Apart from that, it has a removable 20.29 oz Sports Bottle, and a 13.53 oz Travel Bottle, both of which are made of safe Tritan and come with BPA-free plastic lid for easy carrying. Also, the lid is designed with the hand open and anti-dust cover design for better storage. 

You can easily operate and use this blender. To start blending, just simply press and hold the button, and then stop pressing when you finish. In seconds, you can extract all of the vitamins and nutrients from your ingredients, into juice and vegetable smoothies, or even baby food. Additionally, Bear blender is equipped with safety lock protection, which prevents accidents with the blender’s blade.

Bear blender is a really an outstanding little appliance that allows you to drink tasty & nutritious food and lets you keep a proper meal and positive eating habits.


FAQs for Protein Shakes Blender

1. Can you use a blender for Protein shakes?

Blender won’t hurt the protein powder. Many people use a shaker or a blender to make protein shakes. Blender is a popular method when mixing with fruit to make smoothies.

2. What is the healthiest protein drink?

Protein shake with natural ingredients and probiotics is a drink that contains many nutrients good for the body. It can provide all the nutrients needed by the body and keep you fresh and energized.

3. Protein shake with milk or water better?

It depends on the needs of the user. If someone wants to lose weight, then they have to drink protein shakes with water as it facilitates digestion and causes the body to burn calories after any physical activity.

On the other hand, protein shake with milk is very beneficial for those who want to gain weight. Because it slows down digestion and makes the body use up calories.

4. Should you mix protein powders?

Yes, this helps me feel energized and burn calories to keep my body healthy. It is very nutritious as it contains organic plant protein and probiotics to improve hunger and digest food.

Conclusion: What is the best blender for Protein shakes?

In our reviewed blender list, OYeet Blender is the most outstanding candidate that can help you with the blending tasks effortlessly. With its powerful motor and various outstanding features, OYeet can improve your diet and bring your favorite drinks with maximum nutrition in seconds.

In addition, its lightweight and compact design are suitable anywhere you go. Hence, this is the highest-quality blender that has everything you need to start the journey of preparing smoothies like a pro.

Our reviewed top 8 best blenders for protein shakes listed here will give you get a better understanding of each product’s features along with its own strengths and weakness. This knowledge is based on our real experiences and tests so that you can use them to make better choices and be able to find and buy a competent product that satisfies your requirements.

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