About The Kitchen Magazine

The Kitchen Magazine aspire to make and be the change for a stronger and happier community by promoting the idea as well as the ways to eat healthily and fresh life.

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Jason Hocky – Owner of The Kitchen Magazine said:” I’m a person who is passionate about food and especially cooking tools, since I was young, I saw my mother’s difficulties in the small kitchen, she really struggled because she did not have support tools to make dishes easier, faster and more compact. For this reason, I have created this site, I want to send to everyone the best reviews of experts and users, so that I can bring the best products, suitable, support is best for your needs and finances. Thank you.”

Healthy Recipes & Cooking Tips

We aspire to build a diverse collection of recipes, which offer more options for wholesome food every day.

Our recipe-making procedure starts with looking into current popular food trends and what home cooks are most searching for.

Using the collected information, we develop a first-round monthly collection of potential recipes and meal plans. Our priority is on recipes that cover a wide variety of essential micro and macro nutrients. We also focus on recipes that can be made using common cooking methods, and seasonal ingredients readily available in any local supermarket in the US.

Next, the chosen recipes are thoroughly tested by a professional culinary chef, along with our recipe developers.

Once adjusted by the chef, they will undergo review and revision by a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) to make sure they strictly follow our RDN-established healthy food guidelines. The recipes are then marked with tags that indicate if they’re applicable to specific health concerns or diets.

The final recipes that we present to you are designed to ease home cooks’ top three concerns: taste, nutrition and convenience.

Kitchen Improvement Inspiration

Cooking by yourself is a lot easier when you are equipped with the right tools. That’s why we share our unbiased reviews and buying guides for kitchen gadgets and appliances. These include knife sharpeners, toaster ovens, and range hoods, just to name a few.

Each of our guides is the result of dozens of hours of research by the team.

The research starts with the users’ most important expectations and concerns regarding a specific kitchen appliance. Then we look at the most reliable brands and pick out products with technical specifications that potentially match the requirements. The specs are compared and cross-referenced among reliable sources, including Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping. We also contact the manufacturers directly for more information on the products when necessary .

The final list is decided only after we have dug through hundreds if not thousands of reviews from verified purchases to make sure they’re truly what the users are looking for.

In doing so, we hope to be helpful to our home cooks when they’re in search of equipment to ease their workload and increase efficiency in the kitchen.

Healthy Eating Advocacy

At The Kitchen Magazine, we believe every change starts with awareness. We aspire to make and be the change for a stronger and happier community by promoting the idea as well as the ways to eat healthily.

Not long after the website was founded in 2017, we started an essay contest, where college students in the US were invited to discuss the importance of a healthy diet. The campaign, which attracted hundreds of participants, received a great deal of attention from the community and the media. It was welcomed by Carthage College, The University Network, Financial Aid Finder, Oregon State University, and Missouri University of Science and Technology, among others.

Our ideas have also been featured on major media channels, including Business Insider and MSN.